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MAKOplasty®: A Less Invasive Knee Procedure

The MAKOplasty® procedure is a unicompartmental or bicompartmental knee replacement enabled by robotic arm technology that allows the surgeon to perform surgery precisely through a smaller incision as compared to standard manual procedures. Surgeons use the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, a surgeon-controlled robotic arm system that combines computer imaging with an intelligent instrumentation. This allows the surgeon to precisely place an implant that has been selected for your knee.

MAKOplasty® can be performed through a four- to six-inch incision over your knee with small incisions in both your femur (thighbone) and tibia (shin). By preserving healthy bone, tissue, and ligaments along with more ideal patient-specific implant positioning, the results may be a more natural feeling knee.