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Utah’s Joint Replacement Specialists

Hofmann Arthritis Institute is Utah’s premier Precision Joint Replacement Center. With an earned reputation and over 25 years of experience, you can count on high-quality care from our Salt Lake orthopedic medical team led by Dr. Aaron Hofmann, specializing in the reconstruction of the hip, knee, and shoulder.

Why consult an orthopedic joint specialist?

As you age, joint pain can reach a point where everyday activities become difficult or impossible. Talking with a primary care physician is a good start, but it’s often wise to consult a joint specialist (or an orthopedic doctor for knee and hip pain) to learn about treatment options. You may have non-surgical, partial, or full joint replacement options depending on your diagnosis.

MAKOplasty® Robotic Assisted Surgery

When combined with the experience and skill of a Hofmann Arthritis Institute surgeon, MAKOplasty® creates a visual map of the bone and then utilizes robotic assistance to place the implants in the precise anatomic location. 

Quicker Recovery

The average recovery time for most patients after MAKOplasty is almost half the time of other hospital surgery recovery times.

Better Range of Motion

You'll retain most of your healthy bone, soft tissue, and ligament, resulting in a better range of motion.

Minimal Scarring

You'll experience a reduction in scarring, post-surgery, compared to other surgical options.

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